miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017

DAY 1 .
Daily Report : Noveno B .
ESPÁÑOL: En la clase de hoy se trabajó “Estrategias de comprensión lectora SABER”
·         RONALD NIÑO: Future: be going to and present continuous, individual work, group work, socializing unit 8 Cambridge book. 
·         OLFA MABROUK: Speaking tips on pages 26 and 58 from Objective PET + Speaking activity: a video to present a famous Colombian celebration.
·         ALEXANDER MÁRQUEZ:  Today we worked on the project for the procedural from th e2nd Bimerster, and explained and practice on the Open Cloze part 2 of Reading and Use of English.
·         JAIME: Today students made expositions for pronouns, comparatives and superlative.
NATURALES: Hoy socializamos la matriz saber de ciencias naturales.
Thank you
High school teachers and Coordination

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