martes, 25 de julio de 2017

DAY 1 . 
Daily Report : Noveno B .
D.GRUPO: Aplicamos Martes de Prueba.
ESPÁÑOL: En la clase de hoy se concluyó el T.P de la guía del "Modernismo" hasta la página 31.
·         RONALD NIÑO: Individual moment and group work, Unit 11, Future Will and Be going to, Cambridge book.
·         ALEXANDER MÁRQUEZ: Today we did a conversation drill both to increase vocabulary and expressions; and corrected the exercises on page 39.
·         OLFA MABROUK: Unit 10, page 66 to 68: Reading comprehension activity + Present Perfect vs Simple Past (use of ago – for – since – last)
·         JAIME RAMOS: : Today worked on reading comprehension with information about Astronomy and developed and workshop in page 50, homework: complete pg 50 for next class.
·         CHRISTIAN MALDONADO: We started the listening exercise 1.29 page 64. We continued with unit 12, listening 1.30 and exercise 4, page 67.
FRANCÉS: Suite les loisirs. Exercice de comprehension sur les loisirs preferes des francais.
NATURALES: Trabajo personal sobre el calentamiento global.
Thank you
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